Your video for your love story on Mallorca.

Love is probably the greatest feeling on earth.
The love between two people can not be described in words. Photos are a great way to relive memories, bringing back those emotions you felt during those very moments. Nonetheless, we believe motion pictures tell this story better. With a love story video you capture unique moments. We tell your story in the most cinematic way. You are the protagonists and together we create a scenario which you can replay and replay...and replay.

Real moments

No matter what your story is, we will catch your real emotions you share with each other. Nothing staged - real feelings captured in beautiful images.

Hollywood Feeling

Our passion is making cinematic videos. But even more, we love making videos people love. Combined you get a love story which looks like a Hollywood movie.


We will provide you your unique experience you can watch over and over again. On a small screen like your smartphone or a big screen like your TV. Forever.


So what is your story?